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GOVWE’s App Takes Prizes at World Government Summit


GOVWE’s App Takes Prizes at World Government Summit

“” was named the best “one stop” app in the inaugural World GovTechioneers Race. The announcement was made during the World Government Summit 2017 (WGS) in Dubai where issues including the end of globalization, how technology is breaking borders, treating extremism and the source of nuclear energy were addressed by 150 speakers in 114 sessions.

The contest gave governments an opportunity to demonstrate their best advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, drones, statistical data, nanotechnology, autonomous cars, blockchain transactions, virtual reality and 3-D printing.

Launched in late 2014, provides access to a host of government services, such as maps of notaries and kindergartens. The app, available on Android, iOS and Windows phones, has gained more than 1.6 million users in just two years. You can know more about this prize and event here.

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